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A real estate transaction is a multi-faceted process with many moving parts. That's why we offer a wide array of services to help you through the process. Whether you're buying your first condo or selling your third home, you'll have one cohesive team to provide you with a seamless experience so you can achieve your real estate goals.




We've been passionately helping our clients in buying /selling / renting a home in Chicago land.

Sunita Kakarlapudi, CNE,CSC

As a member of Sohum Realty team , I bring passion, diligence and hard-work to my clients in helping them to buy, sell, rent their dream home to live or to invest.

Being a Certified Staging Consultant ( CSC), my professional staging services ( FREE ) will be an added advantage to my sellers/buyers !

There's nothing more important to me than exceeding the expectations of each and every client.

...willing to go the extra mile in helping them, as they are the center of my universe.



Mohan Kakarlapudi

As an entrepreneur and a Realtor, I am passionate about bringing new ways and means to reach, connect and serve our clients in a better way than anyone else.

For us, everything revolves around our customer ... how we can make our customer happy is our # 1 priority ... and I'm always willing to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

For us, everything revolves around our customer ... how we can make our customer happy is our # 1 priority ... and I'm always willing to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.








Taking the first step

The following list will give you an idea of the process you will be taking when making your purchase.

Preparing to Buy

  • Contact Mortage services providers from the list of references we gave you to get mortgage pre-approval.
  • Identify your Home Buying Team.
  • Research neighborhoods and communities to narrow your search.
  • Find the house of your dreams.
  • Make an offer and negotiate with the help of Sohum Realty agent
  • Contact your Mortgage Service provider to let them know the contract has been written and accepted sign mortgage application documents and provide updated financial documents if needed.
  • Conduct the home inspections and other inspections per the contract timetable.
  • Finalize and negotiate inspection issues.
  • Contract insurance agent to obtain homeowners insurance policy

Moving preparation :

  • 1-2 weeks prior to closing, pay homeowners insurance premium and obtain paid receipt (condo owners arrange insurance for contents only).
  • 3-4 days prior to closing, gather documents needed at closing as advised by your Mortgage Services Loan Officer.
  • Final walk-through inspection prior to closing with your Sohum Realty agent
  • Attend closing congratulations, you are a new homeowner!

Assess your Needs

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. If you are a first-time home buyer, you may be wondering if it is even the right thing for you to do. Generally, there are a few good reasons to buy that you should consider:

Personal Fulfillment

Home ownership is an investment in your future. It is the American Dream. Owning your home gives you a sense of pride, stability and security.


Over the years, real estate is an investment that consistently increases in value. It’s true that real estate moves in cycles – sometimes up, sometimes down – but overall, the majority of your housing costs are protected against inflation when you own a home.

Tax Advantages

Home ownership is a great tax shelter. Mortgage interest and property taxes are fully deductible, which can lower your taxes.

Build Equity

Each time you pay your mortgage, part of it is applied towards the principal balance, thereby reducing your financial obligation. As you pay down the principal, over time, your home value should go up. You can then borrow against a home’s equity to help with other financial goals, such as starting a business, home improvements, education and even retirement.

Finance your Home

The following list will give you an idea of the process you will be taking when making your purchase.

Preparing to Sell

In general, all home sellers approach the task with the same two goals in mind: get the best possible price for their home and sell it quickly. While the details of the process may vary according to the type of home and local market conditions, the prospect of success is increased by following these eight steps.

Step # 1 : Look Before You Leap

You'd never buy a home on a whim; you shouldn't try to sell one that way, either. So before you do anything, take some time to study the local market and current trends. The best way to do that is to schedule a pre-market consultation with a Sohum Realty agent. We are uniquely experienced in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale.

Step # 2 : Learn Your Home's True Value

Nothing is more important than setting the right asking price for your home. That's why it's smart to get the help of a professional with the expertise and experience to get it right the first time. That's precisely what you'll receive in a professionally prepared Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) from your Sohum Realty agent - at no cost or obligation.

Step # 3 : Educate Yourself

While we're confident we can do the best job for anyone selling a home in Chicagoland, we can do a much better job for those who really understand the selling process. That's why our website offers you a convenient opportunity to get a complete education in home selling and home ownership.

Step # 4: Choose Sohum Realty agent

In our minds, of course, the smartest sellers are those who list with Sohum Realty because no one can match the pricing and negotiating strategies and resources that our professionals brings to the job. Please contact one of Sohum Realty agents to help you list and sell your home.

Step # 5: Use the Right Tools to Reach the Right Target

A quick, profitable sale is seldom a matter of luck. Far more often, it's the result of a sound marketing plan that makes the most of all the tools a Realtor has at his or her disposal. With Sohum Realty those tools are formidable .

Step Six: Give Your Buyer an Added Value...

Whether your buyer is moving from across the country or around the corner, they'll want all the help they can get. And that's just what they'll get if your home is listed with Sohum Realty

Step Seven: Moving into or out of the Chicagoland Area?

Call on Sohum Realty team to help you find the right home, in the right community, at the right price for you!

The Comparative Market Analysis

How much is your home worth? Should you ask for more? How long will it take to sell?

Your Sohum Realty agent provides the answers to these and many other questions by completing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which takes into account all the variables that may affect the value and marketability of your home. Some of the factors we consider:

Comparable Property Data

Research of similar homes currently on the market, as well as recent sales and expired listings, help determine your home’s fair market value.

Market Conditions and Competition

Economic outlook and seasonal trends, as well as the number of competitive homes on the market, can affect demand for your home.

Mortgage Conditions and Outlook

Interest rates and anticipated movement up or down affect the size of your prospect pool.


Proximity to schools, parks, shopping and transit can play a significant role in determining your listing price.


Yes, looks do count. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

It’s important to note that the CMA process doesn’t end there. We’ll continue to monitor competitive activity and market conditions until the day your home sells.

Contact us to request your Competitive Market Analysis Report.

Enhancing Your Online Experience

Its no accident that our website is so popular among Chicagoland buyers and sellers. It was built from the ground up to give consumers exactly the features they say they want most in a real estate website.

Sohum Realty has taken an extra step for our clients by making sure every home is professionally photographed to showcase the property in its best possible light inside and out.

Our online property listings include:

  • Multiple professional photos
  • Detailed property information
  • Current school information
  • Custom links to community amenities
  • Prominent contact information for easy follow-up
  • Interactive mapping
  • Easy-to-use mortgage calculator

We also offer numerous easy-to-use interactive features and exclusive content to make the home buying and selling process engaging, enlightening and effortless.

Our Estate Portal notifies you when homes that fit your criteria hit the market and automatically sends weekly open house updates.